Custom Curved Art Board

We just last week completed this very custom sculptural object for a young Artist completing VCE. 
What we love about the custom nature of many of the Art materials we get asked to make, is that they all come with a set of challenges and problems to solve. And no two custom projects are the same. This curved art board took some time to figure out but the end result was the seamless curve we were hoping to achieve, and while it was a complex project, start to finish the board was completed within 10 days and we cannot wait to see the resulting painting that will be made on the surface!

One of our Custom Shaped Canvases

Hi all, 
We have been so busy setting up shop in the workshop, that I have neglected the blog, but plan to start getting more posts online weekly to showcase some of our custom art materials made for Artists. Along with hopefully showing you some of the amazing Artwork of some really interesting Artists' that we are thrilled to call our customers!


We have most recently been working on doing some 'Outside the Square' - irregularly shaped canvases. (forgive the bad humour, I just can't help myself). We met a really interesting Artist whose work really suits oddly shaped geometric canvas and as no one else really supplies these, we thought we would give it a go!

We are really happy with the result and it will be great to see some artwork one this blank gem soon!

If you are interested in getting a quote on any shaped canvas you can think of please contact us for a quote.

Paddy is very happy with his handywork - these angles took some serious brain strain for the first go - but now we have it nutted out.

We even managed to solve how to make a shadow box frame to match! These canvases look amazing!

How To Paint Clouds - with Oil Paints

Howdy all, 

Thought it might be nice to show you all some ideas that I have had for painting onto our Round Canvas. I am hoping to cover a few different ideas and painting techniques here and there when I get to sit down and have a paint!

Please share your artwork with us by tagging us on Instagram @outsidethesquare_canvas or emailing us!