Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver your canvases?

You will find all the sizes of canvas that we can fit and send in the post available to purchase on our online store, with a flat rate delivery charge. We do offer larger sizes, however due to their fragile nature, and the cost for delivery via a courier - you will need to contact us for a quote. Tom has years of experience packing and sending canvases, so worry not! They will be well packaged to arrive in one piece.


What happens if my canvas gets loose once I paint onto it?

Due to the nature of the way round canvases are tensioned, in comparison to ordinary squares or rectangles, they sometimes will get loose once you apply paint or they are handled a bit. This is not unusual and nothing to worry about!

A solution to this is to fill a spray bottle with relatively hot water, and spray an even coat of water on the back side of the canvas, if it is a sunny day leave it in the sun for a few minutes to dry, otherwise it will dry on its own inside. Once the water evaporates the cotton tightens, bringing your canvas back to being nice and tight.


Can you do sizes larger than those on your website?

Yes! As all our canvases are handmade in Melbourne, we have the ability to create larger sizes, and custom sizes, and shapes.

Please email us for our current full range and price list. Or to discuss your projects and how we may be able to help.