Our Canvas and Custom Services

Outside The Square is based in Melbourne and is run by Paddy and Tom.

Both coming from a background in art, having met at art school, the duo have recognised that Artists are seeking alternatives to the standard square canvas - rectangular plinth - or ordinary frame.

Joining forces and collaboratively pooling their skill sets; Tom as an Artist and accomplished painter, and Paddy as a Tradesman specialising in cabinet making; they have endeavoured to create quality handmade and hand stretched round canvases for Artists at an affordable price.



Our Canvas

Outside the Square Round canvases are made using quality MDF which is hand cut and bevelled following which we hand stretch premium quality 380gsm (13oz) cotton duck onto each frame, taking the upmost care to deliver a quality canvas for Artists of every level.

Our other geometric shaped canvases are made using high quality pine stretcher bars.

We choose to use 380gsm Primed cotton for all of our canvases - however linen can be elected.



We deliver Australia Wide!

With very affordable delivery rates on sizes up to 100cm in diameter or length!
For our regular stock smaller sizes, you can order online with affordable flat rate delivery charges. Or contact us via phone or email to order.






Other Services

We are both skilled Artists, Handymen, and Paddy is a skilled cabinet maker, and we are more than happy to discuss how we may be able to help you achieve what you need for your next project. 

We can make custom plinths, sculptural pedestals, and unique frames for paintings using high quality new or recycled material we salvaged. We are more than happy to discuss the potential to help you build whatever you may need, so please contact us.

Also see our blog for our custom canvases and custom jobs!